How Does PEPPOL E-Invoicing help your business?

Businesses are encouraged to adopt PEPPOL e-invoicing initiative which will standardise the format of invoices and will benefit from:

Easy information retrieval

No more lost emails or hard copies. Peppol e-invoicing will ensure delivery straight to other party’s system.

Work internationally

With other businesses that are also registered on the platform, allowing business outreach.

Get paid faster

Enjoy faster payment cycles when you make it easier for customers to pay you with all relevant information readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions

InvoiceNow is a nationwide E-invoicing method which allows businesses to issue e-invoices and transact more cheaply with other organisations on the network in a standardised format via the PEPPOL network. E-payment methods include PayNow Corporate, FAST and GIRO. InvoiceNow is also part of a global e-invoicing network (PEPPOL), enabling cross-border eBusiness transactions securely. Click here to read more.

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) enables trading partners to exchange standardized, electronic documents over the PEPPOL network securely. It features, among other things, electronic invoicing.

In a common business scenario today, an PDF e-invoice is sent to the recipient organisation by email. This is a single-sided operation requiring your recipient to re-enter the details of the invoice into their own accounting system (e.g. accounts payable). A more complete solution should include the transmission of data from supplier system to buyer system without human intervention and potentially allow for the InvoiceNow invoice to be paid seamlessly.

E-invoicing is a safe and secure method to send and receive invoices using an electronic format (e-invoice) instead of paper-based documents. Transacting on the PEPPOL network will connect the seller and purchaser together. The e-invoices will be sent using an electronic standard and delivered directly to your PEPPOL registered partners on the network.

You will receive a monthly report giving you the details of your PEPPOL e-invoices activity (invoice sent and received). Notification will also be sent if you are close to reaching your PEPPOL data limit.

You can receive and send InvoiceNow e-invoices to businesses in other countries as long they are on the PEPPOL network.

K&K IT’s customers can benefit from InvoiceNow without any changes to their current process if you are using our Accounting module. To activate this option, please contact us for further discussion.

K&K IT is a certified InvoiceNow-Peppol-ready solution provider. Sign up below to register your interest and we will contact you.

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