Evolvecloud Document Management System

K&K IT Evolvecloud has been designed with seamless online collaboration capabilities out of the box to meet the needs of the post-COVID-19 work environment, Evolvecloud is your best choice for an integrated on-premises content collaboration platform on the market.

  • Files Management: Search the contents of your office documents. Restrict access or get documents approved easily with Evolvecloud.
  • Collaboration Management: Work, share and edit on your office document in real time with colleagues
  • Communication Management: Chat with your colleagues and external stakeholders through messages, audio or video calls.
  • Appointment & Task Management: Manage your contacts, appointments and daily tasks easily
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Easy access, anywhere

A modern and easy-to-use web interface with deep integration to other Evolve products means more productivity, whenever you are! Synchronise your documents across Windows, Linux, Apple or Android devices easily.

One-stop enterprise-ready platform

Created for the modern work environment, you can collaborate and share documents, communicate and organize work easily, allowing you and your colleagues to work anywhere effectively


Full Ownership

Evolvecloud is self-hosted, ensuring data never leaves your company. We put you back in control. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it! Furthermore, Evolvecloud supports full compliance with Singapore PDPA 2012 USA HIPAA 1996, EU GDPR, EU Cybersecurity Act and Clause 14 of ISO27001 for information security. Integrated with antivirus, ransomware protection, 2FA and other security features, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.


Simple deployment & easy to use

Evolvecloud works with existing infrastructure, allowing for quick deployment and fast adoption in the organization. Lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging your existing IT investments. Incorporated with common workflows such as restricting file access, getting documents approved, digital signing, and extracting text from images with OCR, you save time and effort with Evolvecloud

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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