We want to help you face the fierce competition in your industry. Here’s
how our FSM solution helps.

SAVE TIME AND COST: Our FSM software automates your processes where possible and assists tasks that are not – enjoy accelerated business operations and cost-savings.

INCREASE REVENUE: Our software collects real-time data, facilitates communication, and can generate reports on-demand. This keeps your management better informed and helps them manage better.

CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS: Great service both retains and attracts customers. Our software enables better internal communication of informationand provides powerful tools to reach out and engage your customers.

DRIVE SALES: Preparation of quotes and invoices should not be a time-consuming or complicated process.Our FSM software is designed to make this easy so you can commence and complete sales faster than ever before.

GAIN 24/7 ACCESSIBILITY: Don’t be restricted by paper: our FSM application allows you to track the locations of jobs and staff, and statuses of quotes and invoices everywhere you go.Never lose important documents again with our software.

Online Job Management

  • Add information to jobs from the app
  • Easily communicate between the office & field
  • Capture time easily with a time tracker
  • Sign quotes & job sheets digitally

Smart Scheduling

  • Manage workforce  with easy employee scheduling
  • Kill the paper trail all in one place
  • Assess the availability of every team member

Quick Quoting

  • Import supplier price lists for up to date costs
  • Create kits for rapid quoting of similar work
  • Customisable templates for different jobs
  • Compare quoted and actual job costs

Easy Invoicing

  • Invoice right after the job
  • Transform timesheets & receipts into invoices
  • Flexible invoicing variables
  • Send invoices directly to Xero or MYOB

Have A Look At Our Software Features:

  • Overview of All Operations
  • Professional Quote Generation Within Clicks
  • Clear and Fast Task Assignments
  • Automatic Generation of Timely Invoices
  • Automatic Calculation and Breakdown of Labour Costs
  • Appointment and Schedule Management
  • Jobs and Staff Location Tracking
  • Customer and Supplier Relation and Information Database
  • Creation of Business Operation Reports On-Demand
  • Extensive Customisation: Set Pricing Level, Billing Rates, and Price List, Build Kits,and Manage Staff Profiles


task dash
Task Summary Board

In our user-friendly and intuitive Dashboard, get a top-down view of all your operations tasks at a glance.


Enjoy both flexibility and functionality: draft and manage all your quotes, organised by status. Simply select the line items you need and your quote is ready.


Jobs, their statuses, priority, customer, and staff in-charge are all in neatly arranged columns, ready for your review and management. Assign tasks clearly and eliminate double-entry.


Generate invoices and keep track of payment statuses. Invoices also brings overdue invoices to your attention for your convenience. Enjoy the added convenience of sending paid invoices directly to your accounting system.

employee tracking
MAP View

See where most of your clientele comes from. Know where your jobs, field technicians, and service staff are in real-time with the mobile app. Keep customers updated and manage logistics easily.

Customer Management

Manage your customer relationships. Conveniently access the Name, Address, and Contact Information of all your customers. Assign them a default pricing level, as well as organise customers into those current and past.

Sync it All With Your Accounting System

Keep your books tidy & your accountant happy & push invoices to xero, Quick Books and other pointing accounting system in one Click.



Field service management software, or FSM software, is software designed to help you manage most, if not all, of what your service business does. FSM software makes a lot of your daily tasks easier to manage, and puts them in one place.

FSM software eliminates uncertainty and confusion in running your business. Instead of the costly headache of keeping up with multiple employees by whiteboard or Excel spreadsheet, FSM software makes scheduling and tracking easy and intuitive. It can also make your business more agile. With field service management software that has a native mobile app, your workers can receive assignments in the field, rather than having to return to a central location.

You should buy FSM software whenever you want to be more efficient. Even a one or two person service business can benefit from the order FSM software brings to your busy schedule. If you’re having trouble keeping track of work orders, technicians, or dispatch, you might need field service scheduling software. Keeping track of multiple appointments for even four or five technicians can turn into a whiteboard nightmare. Field service scheduling software organizes schedules automatically, and frees you up to do business.

Some examples of field service management jobs are plumbers, heating and air conditioning repairmen and technicians, electricians, appliance repairmen, and landscaping/tree and grounds care professionals. There are other possibilities, too, as any job where you leave a central location to perform a service is technically a field service management job.

Field Service Management Our software consists of 2 distinct but tightly connected parts- An administrative portal for managers or leads, and the mobile app for technicians or auditors. The seamless transfer of information (forms, instructions, notes, pictures) between these parts eliminate the issues caused by- illegible handwriting, long emails, heavy spreadsheets etc. Technicians can download forms and instructions, and upload results over the internet. This eliminates the need to scan and print or to download forms over USB from Desktop. We ensures that such online connections are secure and safe.

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Sean, B4 Water Leakage Specialist Pte Ltd

Since we have started using the software work became much easier to manage as a whole. The sales team were able to efficiently update the system with quotations that could be converted into invoices, while our work force could take before and after pictures and upload it into the system for administrating purposes.

Kent Xu, Evergloss Pte Ltd

This greatly reduced the number of trips project managers needed to make and saved costs from travelling and the time spent travelling.
Any company – particularly those in the plumbing, engineering, and construction industry – looking to grow profits and cut costs will benefit greatly from investing in a Field Management System.

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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