Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software in Singapore is an important tool to assist your sales team in tracking and analysing sales progress. It is a powerful program that can be integrated into businesses of all sizes, wanting to focus on company performance in the area of customers servicing. It allows the user to manage leads and contacts while providing easy access to data for analytical purposes and reporting. Get instant visual information on new actions, messages and revenue. It saves valuable employee time and builds confidence by increasing efficiency in sales team and reduces the workload of admins.
Our Customer Relationship Management System in Singapore is designed to allow your staff to work together with each other and improve communications between different departments. As potential sales prospects come into the system, the system automatically sends marketing material through the use of emails and social media that were created with our built-in collaboration tools. This can help turn sales lead into a full-fledged customer which means more profits and revenue for you company!
Time efficiency and good organisation is easily implemented with our system. You will be able to track and monitor the things you need with ease. Keeping track of important statistics with automatic updating helps you to stay in control with the situation in your company.
Ease of use and efficiency of the system generates better customer services. This will in turn convert into profits and a growing customer base. Your customers see you as an efficient company that treats them with the utmost importance.
A powerful multi-purpose program that can be integrated into businesses of any sizes that are looking for performance and results. A simple all-in-one software system that can help your company manage and store data.

CRM that puts you in control

Managing and observing your company is no easy task. Let our CRM makes it easier for you to take control by providing you with everything you need. New notifications and automatic updates allow you to monitor the things around your company.

Track all your sales activities

You will be able to track your sales team and assign them the most suited tasks. Keep track of which salesperson is performing well and who needs improvements. With these features, you can gather insights into the situation and further improve the company’s revenue.

Generate documents in minutes

All invoices, quotations and sales orders can be easily generated using the software. The CRM System is able to handle multiple sets of related data, without causing confusion on the user experience. It becomes convenient and easy to access data wherever and whenever you need.

Keeping your customers satisfied

Provide your customers with the desired service standards. Your staff is able to receive updates on customer inquiries via email and SMS. Customers will be pleasantly surprised by the response speed and look forward to working with you again.

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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