WorkPro: Job Redesign Rider

The Job Redesign Rider is a top-up grant that adds on to the Capability Development Grant (CDG).

The CDG funds up to 70% of your project’s qualifying costs. With the Job Redesign Rider, fund up to 80% of qualifying costs.

You are eligible if you have:

  • Taken up the CDG
  • Older workers (Singaporean Citizens/PR, 50 years old and above)

What’s Required?

The Job Redesign Rider was designed to help businesses face Singapore’s ageing population.

Older workers are very valuable – they have the experience and knowledge to help businesses succeed. It pays to redesign their workplace and keep them.

With the Job Redesign Rider, it pays even more.

If your project:

  • Makes their jobs physically easier, safer and smarter by improving the workplace environment / work processes or
  • improves placement and retention of older workers or
  • improves productivity, enhances job scope, wage increment etc.

The Job Redesign Rider tops up the CDG grant to:

  • 80% of qualifying costs or
  • Up to $20,000 per older worker(whichever is lower)
How CanK&K IT Help?

Here at K&K IT, we bring automation to your fingertips. Our qualifying solutions are cost-effective and easy to implement.

Some examples of what we do:
  • Customisesoftwaretoshow older employees larger font sizes or translations
  • Provide IT tools (“see: our Evolve products”) that automate workflow processes to reduce manual tasks and improve productivity
  • Gain more by helping your workers with oursolutions!
How Do I Apply?

Contact us at K&K IT via: +65 64441493, +65 88268513, or email

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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