Wholesale ERP System Introduction

Experience a whole new Wholesaling experience with our ERP system. Seamlessly integrated, each function automates and assists you in the areas you need: CRM, Inventory, HR, and Accounting, making wholesaling faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Revolutionise your wholesale business now:
  • Stock Control: By giving continuous stock levels with noticeable information of both upcoming and active stock and where that stock is particularly found, system can offer entire information at the time of customer delivery.
  • Distribution Center Automation: Manual and paperwork will be replaced by complete automated system that is specially designed to manage wholesale and distribution process from start to end.
  • Buy Order and Replenishment: With the software, you can define inventory and manufacturing items and even track them. The system will capture and identify all relevant information on every transaction to offer complete traceability.
  • Client Portal: This permits end clients to deal with their record points of interest on the web, put orders, print solicitations, track shipments and log inquiries. This will expand the level of self-administration and help conceivably diminish the level of inbound phone and email enquiries.

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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