Transformation Through Disruption

Kaizen? Six sigma? Lean manufacturing? Fear not, we talk human language. Simply leave it to us to add value to your organization, be it reducing costs, increasing revenue, job redesigning or business process redesign. As a Certified Management Consultant recognized by Enterprise Singapore, you can engage us with a peace of mind. Bounded by a professional code of conduct in accordance with TR 43:2015, rest assured we are not an unregulated fly-by-night operation.

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Why Transform?

The modern society is ever changing. Organizations undertake business transformations to create additional value, from unlocking the potential of employees to becoming more efficient at maximizing the company’s potential.

An effective business transformation ensures your organization can survive, stay relevant and thrive as you pursue new innovation-driven opportunities that emerge and respond to shifting market demands.

Why K&K IT Consultants

We are certified. Certified management consultants must comply to a professional code of conduct that outlines principles such as:


Upholding professional and honourable conduct for the management consultancy profession.


Respecting strict confidentiality of the client’s data, including intellectual property created during the engagement.


Requesting permission when using proprietary information.


Maintaining impartiality with stakeholders; avoiding instances with conflict of interest; recommending best fit solutions for the client.


Articulating project details (scope, timeline, deliverables), project costs, and terms and conditions, clearly to the client.

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