What is Device as a Service

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a flexible consumption model for businesses to take on without straining its capital costs and cash flow. 

In this challenging business climate, we understand the need to operate on a leaner budget, maximizing investments and minimizing expenses. Purchasing a fleet of new computing devices every few years involve substantial costs, especially so after factoring the deployment fees, support and maintenance costs.

That is why, K&K IT offers businesses a subscription-based method for the usage of IT hardware and services to moderate these costs. To remain competitive and thrive amidst change, let us manage your device lifecycle, freeing your employees to do what they do best.

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Devices Available

We offer a flexible consumption model for your organization without straining your capital costs and cash flow. Choose from our wide range of devices to meet your business needs.

Laptop Computer – Windows OS

A laptop or notebook computer is a small, portable computer with a screen and alphanumeric keyboard. Great for mobility

Tablet computer – Windows or Android OS

A tablet is a mobile device with a touchscreen display. Great for mobility and portability.

Benefits of DaaS with K&K IT

The ability to scale devices up and down as needed, improvement in employee efficiency, pushes cost from capital expenditures to operating expenses, reducing the workload on IT staff. The above are just some of the benefits when you get DaaS with K&K IT


Costs are changed from capital expenditures to operating expenses. Free up your cash flow for your other important investments


Your organization has the flexibility to easily scale up or down according to your requirements


Increase productivity with the option to upgrade to newer devices


Choose from a wide range of laptops, tablets or desktops. Bundled with our software, enhancing the mobility of your employees to work anywhere.


Eliminate or reduce the workload of your in-house IT expertise. Let us manage that for you instead