HR & Payroll

Many small businesses never move beyond keeping time on spreadsheets and writing salary cheque’s.
This solution ties Self service for managers, Messaging & Communication options, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Scheduling, Employee Databases with Profiles and Analytical tools in one place. We have made system intuitive that even users with little or no accounting background would have no issue mastering all the payroll features & functions. And it is compliant with the payroll regulations in Singapore. It incorporates computation of CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF, SHARE, FWL, SDL National Service Pay, Monthly Variable Component (MVC), NWC and supports employee salary transfers (bank GIRO), payment of CPF contribution via CPF PAL-Internet or CPFLine, as well as IRASLine submission of Forms IR8A, IR8S and IR21.

Human Resources and Payroll

  • Position administration
  • Resource administration
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Communities Management
  • Payroll management
  • Training and development.

Always Up-to-Date

The HR & payroll software is constantly being upgraded to comply with the latest statutory requirements and based upon feedback from users. This ensures that we are always relevant for the SME companies.

Employee Management

  • System allows to store different information about Employee – Name, Age, NRIC, Nationality, Race, Religion, Trainings, Certificates, Immigration Status, Family Details, Emergency contact number, Foreign address, etc.
  • Upload unlimited photos & documents

Payroll Management

  • Covers Payroll Additions, Payroll Deduction, Payroll Overtime Computation
  • Payroll computation and submission for approval, Payroll approval
  • Payroll Generation, Payroll printing or emailing pay slip.

Data Backup

Data backup is crucial for payroll operation. Our Opensoft Payroll Software will backup data automatically and backups can be kept for unlimited time period as required.

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With our expertise in Singapore Field Service Management software here at K&K, we are confident that our FSM system is the business solution that can best help your company improve beyond the limits of traditional software.

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