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Sport Solutions is one of Singapore’s few centres that provide Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab services.

Currently using
CRM, HR, Payroll, Online Booking System

Tool previously used
Phone booking, calendar notes, physical paper


hours per week per admin saved


increase in booking and payment time


increase in file tracking efficiency

The Problem

While Sports Solutions knew that their methods worked for their clients, they knew that their administrative processes worked much less effectively. They also knew that as their business grew, this would become increasingly unsustainable.
To obtain the files they needed, they had to manually search through files of customer profiles, invoices, appointment schedules, and project reports. This process was time-consuming, but also further complicated the preparation of their monthly analysis reports.

The Solution

JMr Gino Ng knew the problem had to be resolved early and looked towards using IT solutions to resolve the issues. Looking through available solutions online, Mr Gino Ng came across K&K IT’s Evolve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
With the system, the team at Sport Solutions gained access to a wide variety of functions that gave them control and oversight of all operations.
Information could be stored and updated in real-time on the system’s cloud database, and reports could be auto-generated.

The Result

K&K’s Evolve ERP system has helped change Sport Solution’s workflow for the better. Sport Solutions now see faster processes and impressive cost savings. The company has cut report generation time by 90% and increased file tracking efficiency by 60%.
“My staff had no problem learning the software. … With this software, my company is able to keep track of important documents and details, reducing the paper trail. I feel secure and relieved to know that my data is stored and indexed according to the important categories. The staff is able to search and retrieve data efficiently as and when it is required.”
- Gino Ng, Owner B App Sc (Physiotherapy) Msc (Musculoskeletal & Sports) .

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