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Founded by Mr Collin Low, The Pilates Work is a premier award-winning pilates fitness studio in Singapore.

Currently using
Online booking system, auto invoicing system, digital attendance sheet

Tool previously used
attendance cards, manual records


hours per week per admin saved


decrease in client waiting time


increase in communication efficiency between instructors, admins and clients

The Problem

The team at The Pilates Works prides themselves at never compromising on the quality of their equipments or lessons. The more satisfied their customers were, the more they knew they were doing the right thing. However, they realised that their Microsoft Word, Excel, and paper-based system was not efficient at solving their needs and customers found it difficult to obtain information.
An excel spreadsheet was used to record clients’ data and do up class schedules. It got even more difficult to navigate through information as their clientele grew. Administrative work became much more time-consuming.
Invoices had to be printed to record the transactions, which had to be tallied and compiled for monthly reports. Any clutter or misplaced information had costly results for the business.

The Solution

The Pilates Work then came across K&K IT’s Evolve Products online. After consultation and discussions, Evolve’s Customer Relations Management system, Sales Management system, Booking and Scheduling system, and Employee Management system were adopted.
In addition, a front-end booking webpage with SMS and email integration was developed by K&K IT to help The Pilates Works improve customer experience and service.

The Result

The Pilates Works now enjoys a 60% decrease in processing time with Evolve products assisting and automating many of their time-consuming processes.
Bookings and schedules are now automatically added to the database and can be quickly retrieved. The list of customers can be seen at a glance and employees can be easily managed within the system.
Clients now enjoy a smoother user experience when navigating the website.
TWith the saved time and greater customer satisfaction, The Pilates Works can continue redefining the Pilates landscape in Singapore.

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