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Nurture Pods is a Centre for Child Development and Early Intervention dedicated to providing special needs children with holistic programs and added service of customised packages

Currently using
HR, CRM, Appointment and Scheduling System

Tool previously used
PowerPoint, Keynote, Old payroll application


hours per week per rep saved


decrease in appointment booking process time


increase in session scheduling

The Problem

It is the mission of Nurture Pods to provide holistic programs and care for special needs children. To deliver their best, they have to be aware of the latest information, appointments, and schedules.
To cater to the individual needs of clients, Nurture Pods provides the added service of customised packages. However, this presents an administrative challenge: relevant specialists have to be informed, classes updated, and customised invoices have to be prepared. Customer information (such as contacts, classes, credits, and past packages) have to be actively managed. All of which require painstaking effort. Occasionally, human errors were made.
Another problem was that specialists were at times left out on changed appointments and schedules (another employee could be on leave or an appointment postponed) due to miscommunication. This led to confusion and costly results.

The Solution

JNurture Pods realised that something had to be done to prevent these problems from occurring frequently. They then found out about K&K IT via a quick google search and approached them to discuss IT solutions to their problems. This culminated in the use of K&K’s Evolve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, such as the Evolve Employee Management System, Customer Relation Management System, a Package and Invoicing Management System, and Scheduling and Booking Management System.
JThese allowed the Nurture Pod team to stay on top of their schedules and in the loop with the latest updates.

The Result

Nurture Pod now experiences significant time savings and a 70% improvement in communication efficiency.
With K&K IT’s Evolve ERP System, more attention can be spent on facilitating the best programs for the children and running.
Here’s what Nurture Pods has to say about our Evolve Products:
“Kingsley focuses more on how he can help me and providing a good service than harping about the money matters. This is one thing that makes him different from other IT solution company. He met me on 4 occasions just to explain the process and get back to my many questions at each meeting. He replies my calls, emails and text messages readily. In addition, he understood my cash flow issue, thus he advised me on tapping government grants which further lower my costs.”
- Alex Liau Whatt Meng, Clinical Director, Certified EIBI/ABA Consultant, www.nurturepods.com/

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