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Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd is one of the most reputable tyre retailers in Singapore. They are committed to providing vehicle owners in Singapore with quality tyres, sports rims and car batteries.

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The Problem

Since their establishment in 2009, Arrow Tyres has always been committed to providing the best deals and service in town for their valued customers. This commitment has paid off and allowed Arrow Tyres to grow into one of the most reputable tyre retailers in Singapore, with a wide selection of tyres, rims, batteries, and accessories available.
However, the company wanted to provide clients with more: the added convenience of an online e-commerce experience. Yet, the inventory management process was unable to meet the requirements that come with e-commerce functions.
With manual stock-taking and transaction tracking, the current management process was unnecessarily time-consuming and extremely prone to mistakes. It was in dire need of replacement.
“The monthly stock staking process is mentally and physically tiring. It requires the entire work force to simultaneously do stock take within the multiple warehouse and retail stores of the company. It is prone to human errors and it is a waste of resources. Having access to updated inventory levels is of paramount importance to allow sound commitment to our distribution channels and clientele base.”
- Ethan Li, Director

The Solution

Enlisting K&K IT’s help, K&K’s Evolve ERP System, including an Inventory Management and Customer Relations Management (CRM) module were added. With it, the system could assist with recording stocks, automate reminders for reordering, and synchronise customer data between different modules, amongst others.
Thus, the company was then ready to open up to online E-Commerce. The system’s automation and assistance with inventory management enabled the company to easily monitor online and offline transactions.

The Result

With the system, staff at Arrow Tyres could focus on delivery quality customer service and tertiary services that require a human touch.
Meanwhile, repetitive, low-skill tasks were replaced by the system. Some of the tasks, like double-keying the same data to different documents, became totally unnecessary, thanks to the system’s synchronised database.
All these meant that Arrow Tyres could save on hiring extra pairs of hands to help with just copying-and-pasting as the company tried to scale.
Instead, help would be hired only when the company actually grew, to do highly-skilled work that only humans could do.
When accumulated, Arrow Tyres saw massive manpower savings from the changes.
"Using multiple platforms such as google docs and excel online is a terrifying experience whereby a wrong button delete by staff will cause the entire painstakingly compiled documents to be deleted or full of errors. K&K IT solution provides live updated inventory levels of all locations across the entire range of products that the company carries. The solution is smooth, seamless and drive productivity within the company."
- Ethan Li, Director

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