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ABC Hostel is Located in the prime district of Bugis, ABC Hostel offers low-cost short-stay accommodation options for backpackers and tourists alike.

Currently using
Hotel Management System, with CRM/HR Modules

Tool previously used
Excel sheet


hours per week per rep saved


decrease in client management time


increase in daily operation efficiency

The Problem

ABC Hostel has nailed down its pricing and location, and has continuously strived to ensure customers always have a comfortable stay.
With time, the management knew that their slow processes cannot be overlooked. Feedback collection, report preparation, and daily closing simply took too long, cutting profit margins and restricting growth.

The Solution

After a short online research, ABC Hostel settled on adopting K&K IT’s Evolve System. With the system, feedback forms became digitised, allowing clients to leave feedback at their own convenience.
Reports were also no longer tediously prepared by hand. Instead, the system utilises data collected (including customers’ feedback) to generate reports for easy-viewing.
Everyday-cashiering has also become much simpler: instead of tallying invoices and receipts in order to check payment collected, staff can check against the systems’ records instead.
With the HR Module, payslips no longer have to be manually calculated and issued by the HR manager. Instead, work timings can be keyed in at the salary rate chosen. Thereafter, the system will be able to generate payslips that are up-to-date with MOM’s latest requirements.
The system significantly eliminates long processing times and offers unprecedented convenience to both ABC Hostel’s customers and staff.

The Result

From daily closing process alone, ABC Hostel sees time savings of 40% (reduction from 50 minutes to 30 minutes). Report generation sees a much more stark decrease of 83% (from 30 minutes to 5 minutes).
These have yet to include the intangible benefit of convenience that ABC employees are now able to enjoy daily.

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