The Problem

Inventory Management Process

As a leading marketer and distributor, Tengah Engineering & Hardware has to know clearly where their items are, where they need to be, and where the items are going to. The more quickly and accurately they can distribute the items, the higher the revenue they can obtain. However, their processes made it difficult to track items and generate documents like quotations, invoices, delivery orders, and receipts.

Staff often found it difficult to determine the holding locations of certain items, causing delays and increasing the length of their sales cycle. Occasionally, it resulted in items being unaccounted for.

For every sales transaction, they had to manually track and individually edit information on a Microsoft Excel template to produce the quotation, invoice, receipt, or delivery order. This took time away from productive and high-value tasks.

The Solution

K&K IT’s EVOLVE Products

Tengah Engineering & Hardware looked for an IT Business Solution Provider and found K&K IT’s EVOLVE Products as the answer to their problems.

With K&K IT’s EVOLVE Products (Warehouse Inventory Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, HR and ePayroll Management System, and Billing and Invoicing System), the team at Tengah Engineering & Hardware were finally able to automate many of their time-consuming manual processes.

As a marketer and distributor, they were able to excel even more at what they did best. With our products, they could: easily track and locate items, manage relationship with their customers, save hours on managing their human resources, and quickly produce professional quotations, invoices, receipts, and delivery orders.

The Result

Saving extra time & manpower

The team at Tengah Engineering & Hardware now sees a combined estimated 43 hours saved per week and 4 of their valuable staff assigned to more fulfilling tasks.

Using the EVOLVE Products, those hours saved have been put to better use, such as: providing quality customer service, seizing more sales contracts, and closing sales faster than ever before.