The Problem

Field Management Process

As a contractor for plumbing, electrical works, and building maintenance services, outfield projects are the norm. However, Evergloss’s managers have always faced difficulty in managing onsite workers and projects. They could only communicate over the phone, without knowing what the actual process is going on. Should messenger applications like WhatsApp be used to send pictures, videos, or voice recordings, information is scattered and disorganised.

Most of the time, the managers have to conduct site visits daily to stay updated on each project’s progress. Apart from the monetary costs of travelling or driving down to sites, time wastage is also unavoidable.

The Solution

K&K IT’s Field Management System

With the help of K&K IT’s Field Management System and Mobile Application, GPS locations, documents, pictures, and videos can all be shared, stored, and updated in real-time within the system.

Managers at Evergloss were finally able to quickly and easily see the progress on-site, as and when they needed. They also no longer had to worry about uploading, synchronising, and arranging photos from their messenger applications to log the project’s progress – the system automated and completed it for them.

This greatly reduced the number of trips project managers needed to make and saved costs from travelling and the time spent travelling.

The Result

Saving extra time & management cost

With K&K IT’s Field Management System, Evergloss can now save precious time and money.

The 75% cost savings from transport and 50% time savings from travelling and physically being on-site can instead be invested in finding new revenue sources and helping the company grow.

When accumulated – even just for a year – these time and cost savings amass into significant amounts.

Any company – particularly those in the plumbing, engineering, and construction industry – looking to grow profits and cut costs will benefit greatly from investing in a Field Management System.